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Giraffe work with clients to problem solve, create solutions, and grow businesses

I collaborate with teams or individuals to deliver their needs either on a project-by-project basis or on retainer. I also hold advisory sessions on request. For each project a tailored process is developed and aligned ahead of time with clients so there is a clear path to success. 


Following a discovery call Giraffe will write a proposal to address the project needs with a tailored process aligned ahead of time with the client so that there is a clear path to success.


A monthly fee is agreed to cover ongoing strategic needs of a team or individual. 

Advisory 1:1

Single sessions or packages of 4 

Single sessions take the form of a discovery call to address the immediate needs of a team and help create a plan from which to move forward. With a series of sessions we go in-depth to problem solve.

Here are some other ways to work together

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Consider one of Giraffe's strategic packages below


Level Up Your Strategy 

Designed for small business owners, this package provides the basics for getting started or redirecting your brand based on initial in-market learnings:

Competitive Mapping

Brand Positioning 

Brand Voice

Social Media Strategy

Find Your WHY!

A group session in which we develop your brand's WHY or Brand Purpose. The session will look at the competition and relevant cultural insight alongside a brand's existing strategic elements. From there we will explore motivations and aspirations to develop a Brand Purpose statement. 

Brand Diagnostic

Understanding the context a brant lives in will reveal growth opportunities.  

In 10 days we will provide

3 high-level recommendations about how to drive your brand's growth.

Cultural Insight: 

 A look at 2-3 key influential trends to uncover ways for your brand to participate in today's cultural conversation.

Consumer Insight:

A look at consumer attitudes

and behaviors impacting your brand. 

Category Insight:

 An analysis of category and product trends to uncover emerging opportunities for your brand to leverage.

Giraffe Skills

What We Do


Consumer research to gain a deep understanding and reveal key insights:

Cultural deep dives to understand the context within which a brand lives. 

Category analysis to understand the competitive context.

Consumer research:

On line forums, focus groups and ethnographies

Cultural analysis


Category landscaping  and mapping 



Discover WHY your brand exists, WHAT it does and HOW it does it.

Define your brand's personality and verbal expression. 

Brand Purpose

Brand Positioning


Verbal Strategy

Social Media Strategy



Relevant and disruptive innovation rooted in a brand's equity.

Jobs to be done

Innovation Strategy

New Product Ideas and Concepts

Please get in touch for more information about how we can work together

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