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Welcome to

Giraffe Brand Consultancy

Giraffe consultancy helps brands discover and create their own stories to successfully launch, innovate or reposition themselves in the beauty and food and beverage categories. We use a combination of strategic rigor, cultural and consumer insight, conceptual thinking and design to create and grow distinctive brands.


Our brands embrace modern, purpose-driven experiences that create consumer affinity.  


How Can We Help?

Does your brand lack relevancy and need modernizing or relaunching? 

Is your brand struggling to compete and stand out from the crowd?

Are you launching a new product or entering a new category

Are you expanding your offering to new targets and need insight to attract them?

Are you pricing up or entering into a premium tier?

Do you need to translate your strategy into a recognizable brand identity

Do you need help naming a new brand or product? 

See our services or consider one of our packages: 

1:1 Advisory

Category Audit

Brand Relevancy Check


How Giraffe Works

Collaborating directly with clients, we problem solve to create effective solutions and successfully grow businesses.

We do so on an individual basis or we can assemble a flexible team of strategists, creatives, designers and innovators to collaborate and deliver on the needs of the project. For each project, tailored processes are created and aligned ahead of time with clients so that there is a clear path to success. 


Let's Collaborate!

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Driving a brand's relevancy by understanding its role in today's cultural and consumer lives.



Find your brand voice and discover WHO you are and

WHY you exist.



Disruptive innovation rooted

in a brand's equity.



Modern, fresh and distinctive for today's competitive environment​​.

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Meet The Founder

Clare Brophy


I could make up a clever story about why I called my consultancy Giraffe but the truth is I just like Giraffes. 

I'm an independent Brand Strategist and live in Maplewood, New Jersey with experience in branding, advertising, innovation and design.​ I've helped build brands for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller brands in the CPG and Food and Beverage categories. 

We have a flexible team of strategists, creatives, designers and innovators to collaborate and deliver on the needs of the project.

Past and Present Brands

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