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Giraffe helps
brands successfully 
launch, innovate
or reposition

I work with clients to problem solve, create solutions, and strategically position brands for growth. 


Using a Purpose-led approach, Giraffe defines WHAT you do,

HOW you do it and WHY you exist.


Giraffe brings fresh perspective by examining the broader context a brand lives in, distilling deep consumer understanding, cultural insight and market knowledge to develop a distinctive strategic platform that will act as a brand's north star now and into the future.


How Giraffe Works

I collaborate with teams or individuals to deliver their needs either on a project-by-project basis or on retainer. I also hold advisory sessions on request. For each project a tailored process is developed and aligned ahead of time with clients so there is a clear path to success. 

How Can We Help?

Does your brand lack relevancy and requires a relaunch? 

Is your brand struggling to compete and stand out from the crowd?

Are you launching a new product or entering a new category

Do you want to expand your offering but don't know the best way forward?

Are you pricing up or entering into a premium tier?


See our services or consider one of our packages.


Consumer Insights

Brand Strategy

Innovation Strategy


Small Businesses - Level Up Your Strategy

Find Your WHY!

Brand Diagnostic

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Let's Collaborate!

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Consumer research to gain deep

understanding and reveal key insights:

On-Line, Focus Groups and Ethnographies



Brand Purpose, Brand Positioning,

Personality, Tone of Voice

Social Media Strategy



Disruptive innovation rooted

in a brand's equity. New

Product Ideas and concepts

Clare Brophy Full.jpg

Clare Brophy


I'm an independent Brand Strategist and live in Maplewood, New Jersey with experience in branding, advertising, innovation and design.​ I've helped build brands for Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller brands in the CPG, Wellness, Beauty and Food categories. 

I'm a conceptual thinker with a passion for creating culturally relevant, distinctive brands. I founded Giraffe so I could do more of the work I love and less that I don't. So far it's working out...

About Us

Past and Present Brands

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